A 'rough' hunt for clues

TNPS photojournalist ARIFFIN JAMAR is on board RSS Persistence as it joins the multinational effort to find missing plane

On Friday, the crew saw quite a bit of action. By 4pm, weather conditions had improved enough to launch a Super Puma helicopter.

About two hours later, the crew on the helicopter spotted something in the water that could be related to the crash. A marker was dropped to help the search teams on fast craft find it later.

Just after 8pm, two fast craft were dispatched to locate the marker.

I was allowed on board one of the fast craft.

The going was extremely rough. The sea was very choppy with waves that drenched everyone.

It was so rough that one passenger vomited from sea sickness

Visibility was extremely low and after two hours of searching, we were unable to spot the marker.

The ship's Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Ang Jeng Kai, told the crew: "Do not be disheartened, it was a good effort."

Yesterday, visibility was better, boosting the evacuation effort.

More debris, including a luggage bag and part of an aircraft overhead compartment, was found.


The ship was able to pull alongside the floating debris and use nets or hooks to bring the items on board.

The first items were retrieved around 9.45am, followed by some more in the afternoon.

Despite the clouds, the better conditions will mean a longer search period.

After a week of poor weather, the crew are enthusiastic to make the most of the good conditions.

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