Roy Keane rants at cabby who reportedly tells him to 'smile'

Former Manchester United skipper Roy Keane allegedly burst into a foul-mouthed tirade at a cabby on Friday (Jan 30) morning.

The incident happened  at the traffic lights in Altrincham town centre.

Keane, 43, is said to have jumped out of his Range Rover and ranted at a taxi driver who moments before had urged him to "smile".

Police are investigating the road rage case.


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A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: 

"At 11.30am, police were called to Ashley Road, Altrincham, to a report that a man had behaved aggressively towards another man.
"An investigation is under way to establish the exact circumstances surrounding the incident."

The alleged victim has said that he was left "shaking and terrified" after the outburst, newspaper Telegraph reported.

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Taxi driver Fateh Kerar claims that Keane became aggressive after he told the latter to "smile" as they sat in parked cars.

Mr Fateh, 44, recalled the star "just glaring back (and) looking really angry".

"I said 'hello' to him, then said 'smile'.
"He drove behind us and as we got to the traffic lights, he stopped beside us and turned to us, still looking really angry.

"(Then) he got out of his car in the middle of the road and walked out in front of me. He shouldn't be allowed to treat people that way."


According to passenger Hothan Isman, 38, Keane would "turn away, then turn back and keep staring".

He said:

"When we got to the traffic lights he turned and stopped the car. He got out and was gesticulating with his arms and shouting.
"The driver looked terrified and was shaking quite badly. I said he should call the police."

Online, netizens were divided over the alleged bust-up.

Photo: Twitter

Sources: Telegraph, Mirror, Twitter

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