Runaway bride? She steals wedding dresses and flees in her underwear

Here comes the bride, all dressed... in her underwear?

A bride-to-be in Croatia reportedly fled a store in her underwear - after her bridesmaids grabbed a few dresses, ran to a waiting car and made a quick get-away.

When did stealing wedding dresses become a great way to begin a marriage?

The shop's owner Danijela Jelencic said: "While the bride was trying on a third dress, the other girls ran off with one she had tried on earlier as well as some (other gowns) for themselves."

The bride then ran out after them - clad in nothing but her underwear.

How are the police going to find these dresses and the criminals who pinched them?


A police spokesman said: "We shall be keeping an eye on all future weddings to see where the dresses turn up."

Source: Metro