Russian company releases mobile phone for Muslims

This article is more than 12 months old

This new innovation comes equipped with the Koran in Russian and Arabic along with a "prayer alarm" for Muslims in Russia.

Russian firm BQ-Mobile even included a built-in navigator which automatically determines the user's location and subsequently helps identify the direction to Mecca.

"Before creating the device, experts studied the interests of the faithful. They asked what kind of gadgets would be useful to them in everyday life.

"The mobile phone menu is very simple and clear, the user can in a few clicks turn the Suras (chapters) of the Koran," said Timur Imaev, a representative of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia, as cited by the TASS news agency.

"The new phone should enjoy wide popularity, as it will be accessible to all social groups," chairwoman of the Union of Muslim Women, Naila Ziganshina, told reporters.

The company said it will soon publish official pictures of the phone and its technical specifications.

BQ-Mobile is scheduled to release the new mobile phone at the end of this month.

Source: RT, BQ-Mobile