Sabah hit by hailstones and heavy rain

This article is more than 12 months old

On Sunday afternoon, a heavy thunderstorm accompanied by hailstones hit several areas in East Malaysia.

There were floods, blackouts and damage to property but no injuries were reported.

The Tambunan district in Sabah was hit by thumb-sized hailstones that began falling during the storm at about 3pm.

St Martins Tambunan teacher Ryan Gomis Gotil was at a workshop in school when the rain began.

“When I looked outside, I saw some white stuff on the ground and realised these were hailstones,” he said.

The hailstones were thumb-sized and caused serious damage to properties. Photo: The Star

State Women and Family Affairs Committee chairman Asiah Md Ariff said: “This was a bad storm which caused a lot of damage to the homes. Luckily no one was seriously hurt in the storm.”

In some areas trees were uprooted and residential areas were destroyed, affecting hundreds of families. 

Segamat MCA division chief Datuk Lee Hong Tee said the MCA’s Crisis Relief Squad (CRSM) was sent out very soon after the storm to help those in need.

Source: The Star