Sad Christmas: Burglars steal presents from 5-year-old US boy with brain cancer

Burglars in Missouri have ruined Christmas for a five-year-old US boy with brain cancer.

They broke into the boy's apartment on Wednesday, headed straight for his room and looted two televisions, a Play Station 4 and some new games.

Many of these gifts had been donated by a hospital charity.

The criminals had to have known what to expect and where to find it – they ignored the mountain of presents in the living room and made a beeline for Kamareon Smith's room, reported USA Today.

'Fighting for his life'

Kamareon was diagnosed with cancer eight months ago.

His mother, Quinetta Smith, has to pay for his weekly chemotherapy treatments, and has trouble making ends meet. quoted the single mother as saying: "Came back to my house (with) the door being kicked in open and the stuff being gone.

"I'm struggling with taking care of my sick child who's fighting for his life."

She added: "They (the hospital charity) adopted him and brought him multiple gifts and things for him to have a good Christmas.

"And the one thing that he likes to do – watch TV – his TV is gone."

Sources: USA Today,

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