Scared toddler spends a day in a car cuddled up to dead mum

A two-year-old boy spent a day cuddled up to his mother's body in their car after she died of mysterious causes.

Mrs Alina Roberts was on the way home with her son Benjamin after a trip to a children's farm in Britain on Feb 15 when she suddenly died at the wheel.

The 33-year-old teacher was 22 weeks pregnant at that time and had only been married to her husband Alex for nine months.

While the cause of her death is still being investigated by coroners, police have ruled out foul play.

Ten minutes from home

Heartbroken Mr Roberts, who was supposed to be with his family but had to pull out from the trip at the last minute, said: "After about an hour, I sent her a message asking if they were having fun.

"It was about 3.30pm when she replied to say she was coming back in 10 minutes.

"After a while, I tried phoning her but it went straight to answer phone.

"Eventually, I went out in the car and drove the route I thought she would have taken but I couldn't find her."

Police found the car at around 2pm the next day, with a scared Benjamin huddled up to his mother's body.


"Benjamin is fine but he was obviously scared and frightened. He had been in the car all that time," said Mr Roberts, who buried his wife last Saturday.

The 36-year-old database manager added: "It's devastating to know she won't be able to see Benjamin growing up and what should have been our bigger family.

"Family was very important to her and motherhood came naturally. She had a very special relationship with Benjamin, which I will always remind him of.

"I will miss living our lives together and sharing those experiences with her."

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