School in Canada bans homework for a year

Pupils at an elementary school in Quebec won't be getting homework for a whole year.

Why? Because the school itself has banned homework. Imagine that.

The pupils can be assigned reading and studying work, but there won't be copious amounts of math problems, grammar exercises or anything of the sort, reported CTV News.

All 339 pupils in Grade 1 to Grade 6 of College de Saint-Ambroise will be under this homework ban, reported Toronto Sun.

Ms Marie-Eve Desrosiers, spokesman for the Jonquiere School Board, said: "It's based on research that homework time is becoming more and more difficult."

"Often children are away at daycare from 7am to 5pm, and a lot of families are finding it increasingly difficult, and so we've decided to try this out at a school."

Sources: Toronto Sun, CTV News