Self-service coffeeshop has no staff, not even a cashier

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A coffee shop in North Dakota, USA, is taking the concept of self-service and combining it an "honour system" to create a very unique experience. 

Opened in October last year by Mr David Brekke and his wife Kimberly, ​there are no waiters to serve you, make your coffee nor collect payment for your purchase.

Patrons go in, grab whatever they want to drink or eat and then proceed to pay with cash or with credit card (there's a box for cash and a credit card terminal) and be on their way.

Won't people just walk away without paying?

Oh ye of little faith. Mr Brekke said in an interview with Fox news that people are "15 percent more generous than thieving".

Not that this has resulted in him breaking even, because he hasn't.

But with business slowly picking up, he hopes to be able to expand the shop to include a bakery in the near future.

Wonder if it will work here in Singapore.


Source: KVRR Fox News, YouTube.


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