Severe floods hit Kota Kinabalu

This article is more than 12 months old

Low-lying areas around and including Kota Kinabalu were hit by floods caused by the persistent rains over the last few days.

Locals were asked to evacuate to higher grounds as roads were a metre deep in water.

Water from the Babagon dam overflowed earlier in the day, causing the flood to worsen.

Several village homes are suspected to have been swept away while in other districts, firemen rescued children and the elderly on rafts.

Areas affected include Kampung Limbanak, Kibabaig, Maang, Inanam and Tuaran but the worst affected area was the Penampang district.

 Photos: Twitter/Adrian Lasimbang

Villager Ariffin Pauluskai said it began flooding in the Sungai Moyog from 1am on Tuesday. The water rose to the top of the river about five hours later.

"It had been raining heavily all night and by this morning, I had to leave my house as the flooding had become severe." - Ariffin Pauluskai of Kampung Dabak.

Source: The Star