She inspires with bikini shot exposing her colostomy bags

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What was once a bag of shame has now become a badge of honour, thanks to an incredibly brave woman.

Two weeks ago, Bethany Townsend snapped a photo while on holiday in Mexico and posted it on Instagram.

But instead of hiding her colostomy bags, the 23-year-old let it all hang out for everyone to see.

The make-up artist has had Crohn's disease - a chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract - since she was three.

In 2010, it became necessary for doctors to remove the damaged section of her intestine and put two colostomy bags, reported Huffington Post.

It took her a while to accept them as part of who she is. But when she did, she embraced it in style with a bikini shot while soaking up the sun in Mexico.

Her daring photo has inspired others who have Crohn's disease to do the same.

The photos, accompanied by inspiring stories of those living with the disease, have been put up on the Crohn's and Colitis UK Facebook page. 

It is also being circulated under the hashtag #‎getyourbellyout‬.

Sources: Huffington Post, Mail Online, Buzzfeed

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