Shocked groom divorces bride on wedding night

This article is more than 12 months old

A vengeful ex-lover turned a couple's wedding day into a nightmare when he sent intimate photos of the bride to her new husband. 

Shocked by the pictures, the groom divorced the bride on the spot, reported Gulf News. 

At the wedding hotel, the groom was given a bouquet of flowers and an envelope that contained a flash memory stick.

The incriminating photos came with a note from the former lover that urged the groom to look at the evidence of the bride's past relationship.

He was carrying out his threat as she had refused to go out with him four days earlier, saying that she was getting married and urged him to move on.

She added that she desired a new life with her husband, and was looking forward to raising a family, said the report. 


Shaikh Ghazi Bin Abdul Aziz Al Shammari, a Saudi preacher who reported the dramatic event on a Kuwaiti television channel, did not identify the nationalities of the people involved nor where the scandal unfolded.

However, he said that it was one of the most bizarre cases he had ever come across.

“The groom came to see me the next day and he was under strong emotional trauma,” he said.

“It was truly the shock of his life and he could not bear the scandal.”

Sources: Gulf News