Shooting at Houston music festival leaves 6 injured

This article is more than 12 months old

Six people are injured, one of them critically, following a shooting at a Houston, Texas music festival. 

The incident happened in the early hours of July 5. Four men were shot, and two women were trampled on in the ensuing stampede at the stadium, local media reported.

Thousands of people attended the Houston Carribean Festival which was part of a 4th of July celebrations and the party was expected to go on till 5am. At about 1.55am, shots were fired into the crowd. 

Fox News reported that an eyewitness saw a man open fire at the crowd and four men were hit by the shooting. 

Videos posted on YouTube and Instagram show the ensuing panic as the crowd scrambled to get out of the arena. 

Houston police are investigating. No arrests have been made. 

Source: Fox News, ABC News, Reuters