Should protests and marches be allowed beyond Hong Lim Park? 82 per cent say 'No'

In an ongoing poll conducted by The New Paper, we asked if protests and marches should be allowed to take place beyond​ Hong Lim Park.

And, so far, a vast majority voted no.

Out of 383 people, 82 per cent preferred to have protest activities take place in the designated Speakers' Corner.

The poll comes after bloggers Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui frightened and confused special needs children by loudly protesting just before they were to go on stage during a YMCA event held at Hong Lim Park.

Ms Han had permission from NParks to hold the fourth CPF rally on the same day in another section of the park.

But the pair decided to take their protest to the YMCA event, which was officiated by Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck.

The TNP poll also asked readers if, as per Member of Parliament Sylvia Lim's suggestion, police should allow street protests as a way to improve their crowd control skills.

And 68 per cent disagreed with Lim as they said that street protests should not be held so that the Special Operations Command can be better prepared to handle a crisis similar to the Little India Riots.

You can still vote here: Tide turning against CPF rally organisers?

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