Should S'poreans have a chance to go to space in Virgin Galactic/Land Rover contest?

We were all excited when we saw the video with its slick look, featuring the Land Rover Discovery and Virgin's Galactic's space port, in a promotion to get people to take part in a contest.

The prize looked so appealing.... a once-in-a-lifetime trip to space. 

Virgin Galactic and Land Rover had teamed up to give aspiring adventurers from all over the globe a chance to enter a contest to celebrate the launch of the New Land Rover Discovery Sport with the amazing space prize as a carrot.

But had they?

Simply by submitting a short film or photographic entry in response to the question "What does the spirit of adventure mean to you?" contestants could be among the first pioneering travellers to view the Earth from space and experience out-of-seat zero gravity, the promo said.

It asked viewers to be inspired by some of the world’s greatest-living adventurers including Bear Grylls, Richard Branson, Ranulph Fiennes and Virginia McKenna in this video.

Plus, you got to see the New Discovery Sport, the most versatile and capable premium, compact SUV on the market, in action at Spaceport America, the home of Virgin Galactic.

Visit to enter the competition before Oct 31, the promo said.

But Singapore is not on the list 

Imagine our disappointment on finding out that Singapore is not one of the more than 20 countries eligible for the con​test.

What do you think?

Should Singaporean have a chance to go to space? 

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