Sim Lim saga: Case to start injunction proceedings against Mobile Air

This article is more than 12 months old

The Consumer Association of Singapore (Case) will be starting injunction proceedings against Sim Lim Square retailer Mobile Air.

The organisation said in a press release on Wednesday that Mobile Air "declined to sign our Voluntary Compliance Agreement and pledge to stop their unfair practices". 

"As such, we have decided to take out an injunction against this company," it said.

But it may be several months before the injection will possibly come into play.

Case said it would need to seek approval from its relevant committees and the Injunction Proposals Review Panel at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, before applying to court for an injunction.

"This entire process may take several months," it said.

If the injunction is granted by the court, Mobile Air will be "restricted from engaging in unfair practices as stated in the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act".

Mobile Air, which is owned by Mr Jover Chew, has been in the spotlight in the past week following a barrage of bad press over unfair and bullying sales tactics.

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