Sim Lim shop in coin case faces probe

The Sim Lim Square shop that charged a woman a total of $3,000 for an iPhone "bundle" and, when ordered to refund $1,010, handed her the money in coins, is being investigated by the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case).

It is checking whether the shop, Mobile Air, has violated the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, Lianhe Zaobao reported.

The shop has been involved in several cases of improper marketing practices in the past, the report said.

Case received 14 complaints about the shop between July and September this year.

Mr Seah Seng Choon, executive director of Case, was quoted as saying he plans to ask the store to sign a Voluntary Compliance Agreement.

This would allow Case to take it to court if it is found to engage in unfair trading practices after signing the agreement. If the shop refuses to sign the document, Case will still be able to apply for an injunction to put a stop to unfair practices.

Shop owner can't explain why refund made in coins

The New Paper reported last week that a customer, who wished to be known only as Ms Zhou, had bought an iPhone from Mobile Air for $1,600 on Sept 24, but she was then forced to pay another $1,400 for an "insurance plan".

She went to the Small Claims Tribunal, which ordered the refund.

She called the police when the payment was made in coins. After reporters also arrived at the shop, the shop offered to pay part of the sum in notes.

Mr Jover Chew, owner of Mobile Air, spoke to TNP, but did not explain why the payment had been made in coins.

He repeatedly evaded the reporter's question, saying only that Ms Zhou could have rejected the coins if she did not want them.

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