Singapore-based couple slashed in India

This article is more than 12 months old

A Singapore-based couple was slashed while visiting a temple in the Andhra Pradesh region of India, reports The New Indian Express. 

The couple reportedly sustained injuries to their necks, but are said to be in stable condition. 

The couple, who are non-resident Indians based in Singapore, were allegedly stabbed by an unidentified person near the Akkagarla temple.

The couple has been identified by various newspapers as a Mr Govinda Thyagarajan, 57, and his wife Latha, 50. 

According to The New Indian Express, they had come in to Bangalore from Singapore on Tuesday (June 17) and reached the pilgrimage city of Tirupati early the next morning.

On their trek through the Tirumala Hills, they were stopped by a man described to be 25 years old and in a black shirt, according to various media reports. 

The Deccan Chronicle reports that Ms Latha was cut on her neck first, then stabbed in her stomach. Her husband was injured by the assailant when he came to her aid, said the paper. 

It also described the attacker as a "mentally deranged man". 

Other trekkers came to the couple's aid after hearing Mr Govinda's shouts.

Police said the motive of the attack is not known.

Sources: The Star, The New Indian Express, The Deccan Chronicle