Singapore-bound SQ flight from London flew into lightning storm

This article is more than 12 months old

A Singapore Airlines A380 flight from London flew into the path of a lightning storm just before arriving here. 

A passenger on board the flight, which is understood to have arrived yesterday (July 4) morning, took pictures of the lightning storm that surrounded the plane.

 Photo: Gary Brown/Diimex 

The Daily Mail reported that meal service was ongoing at the time and the plane had begun its descend toward Changi Airport when it flew into the storm, and narrowly missing a bolt of lightning.

Although there was incredibly very little turbulence experienced, passengers were at least a little bit freaked out by the lightning bolts seen just out their windows. And apparently, at least two passengers struggled to keep their breakfast down. 

The passenger who snapped the pictures, Gary Brown, told Daily Mail Australia: "To see lightning in the middle of the sky, surrounding the plane was gob-smacking." 

"It was, although quite scary, very very pretty," he added.

Aircrafts are made to withstand lightning

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority told Daily Mail that "aircraft are built to cope with lightning... it passes through the aircraft and does not affect passengers".


Source: Mail Online