Be warned: Don't put your washing machine in wet places

The fire that damaged a Samsung washing machine in a Bukit Panjang flat last week was likely caused by an electrical short circuit, according to a media statement by Samsung Electronics Singapore on Wednesday.

The short circuit likely resulted from moisture inside the kitchen's bathroom where the washing machine had been placed.

The fire at a four-room flat in Block 469, Segar Road, last Wednesday sent its 42-year-old housewife owner fleeing.

The damage from the fire was contained within the bathroom. Some tiles were dislodged, the toilet door was partly melted and the walls were charred.


In a statement to The New Paper last Thursday, Samsung said the incident was unrelated to the recall of washing machines in North America.

The recall was driven by reports of Samsung washing machines experiencing excessive vibrations or tops detaching, presenting injury risk to consumers. There have been nine reports of related injuries, including a broken jaw and injured shoulder.

In Wednesday's statement, Samsung advised consumers against installing their washing machine in areas exposed to moisture, weather or prone to water leaks.

Users should not operate the washing machine if the power supply cord is wet. They should also avoid spraying water directly onto the washing machine when cleaning it.

The washing machine should not be exposed to a direct flame.

Multiple appliances should also not be attached to the same outlet as it may cause a power surge.

If the power supply cord is damaged, customers should contact the manufacturer.