Certis Cisco team saves kids

When he saw a black saloon car moving towards a playground at North Bridge Road, the Certis Cisco auxiliary police officer was horrified.

It was about 9pm on Dec 19 and the car had mounted the kerb and was on the pavement, heading straight for an area where five children were playing.

Fearing it would hit them and passers-by, all Lance Corporal Simon Laurance A. Sandanasamy, 25, could think about was stopping the car.

When he was about 10m away, Lance Cpl Simon shone his torch to get the driver's attention, hoping it would make him stop.

He said: "My mind told me only one thing - to stop the car before it could hurt anyone."

But it continued crawling towards the playground.

Lance Cpl Simon ran to the car, opened the door and turned the engine off.

He asked the driver Lim Jiun Shyong to step outside.


At about 9.20pm, his supervisor, Staff Sergeant Yusaini Selamat, 48, arrived on the scene.

The men questioned Lim.

Staff Sgt Yusaini said that Lim reeked of alcohol and kept changing his story.

"He couldn't keep his story straight. At first he said he came from Redhill, then he said Jalan Sultan and then Jalan Besar," said Staff Sgt Yusaini.

The Traffic Police arrived at around 9.30pm and gave Lim a breathalyser test, which he failed.

When told that he had failed the test and had to be arrested, he became aggressive.

Lance Cpl Simon said that Lim kept hitting himself on his forehead and even tried to vomit by gagging.

Despite many warnings from the two auxiliary officers, he did not stop.

They then handcuffed him.

Staff Sgt Yusaini said: "He said, 'Can you tell my mother her son is dead?' He was so upset because it was his mother's birthday."

By this time, a large crowd had gathered.

While the two auxiliary officers were questioning Lim, protection officers Tan Jea How, 56, and Madam Ho Yuet Pheng, 65, who were on patrol with Lance Cpl Simon, dealt with the curious onlookers.

According to Madam Ho, at least 250 people had gathered there and some were trying to enter the car and get near Lim.

Others were trying to take pictures of Lim and of the car.

Madam Ho said: "This was dangerous. The two officers were busy questioning the drunk man, so it was up to us to control the crowd."

Lim was arrested by the police at around 10.15pm.

On May 6, he was convicted of drink-driving and inconsiderate driving, and was fined $3,800 and disqualified from driving for two years.

For their efforts, the four officers received a Team Commendation award at the Commissioner Of Police's Commendation Ceremony 2015.

Last night's awards recognised the outstanding work and leadership of police officers and members of the public.

Staff Sgt Yusaini said: "In my 25 years of service, this is the first time I am receiving such an award. I'm very honoured."

Commander of Certis Cisco Auxiliary Police Force, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lee Chee Chiew, said he was proud of the officers.

"This is the first time that our auxiliary police officers and protection officers are conferred the Team Commendation Award together.

"Their quick thinking and action had prevented a drink-driving accident from happening and saved the lives of several children and elderly nearby," he said.

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