DPM Teo: Shangri-La case related to drugs

A man was shot dead and two others arrested near the Shangri-La hotel at 4.35 am on Sunday (May 31).

A police statement released today said the men had stopped at a police vehicular checkpoint set up along Ardmore Park.

When asked to open the car boot for checks, the driver accelerated towards Anderson Road. 

In spite of police warnings to stop, the driver continued to crash through the barricades. Police officers then opened fire on the vehicle. 

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said: 

"Investigations so far indicate that the situation is related to drugs.

"The police will deal firmly... with anyone who breaks the law, to make sure they maintain public safety and security.”

Due to the ongoing Shangri-La Dialogue, security measures including vehicle and person check points have been put up in the area.

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