LTA seizes 20 e-scooters on roads to improve road safety

This is part of enforcement operations to tackle unsafe and reckless riding

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has carried out more than 560 enforcement operations since May to tackle unsafe and reckless riding by cyclists and personal mobility device users.

Yesterday, LTA said that with the setting-up of its dedicated active mobility enforcement team, more than 860 advisories have been issued to cyclists, and power-assisted bicycle and personal mobility device users caught riding unsafely on footpaths and cycling paths, The Straits Times Online reported.

LTA said that under the law, personal mobility devices are not allowed to be used on roads.

A total of 20 electric scooters have been seized by LTA from users caught riding on the road.

Enforcement action against cyclists who use non-compliant power-assisted bicycles, also called electric bicycles, has also been taken by LTA, with more than 1,400 notices issued to such cyclists between January and September.

LTA said most of these users were speeding dangerously on devices that can go as fast as 70kmh, endangering themselves and other road users.

On Sept 22, a man on an e-scooter was caught on camera riding at about 70kmh on Mandai Road in heavy morning traffic, then cutting out into the middle lane to overtake a bus.

And last Tuesday, The New Paper reported how it observed more than 20 people riding against traffic, weaving in-between vehicles, riding on pedestrian crossings and riding mostly without helmets on their e-bikes.

This happened on Sims Avenue and Geylang Road between Guillemard Road and Aljunied Road from around noon to 5pm the day before.

Under the Road Traffic Act, anyone using non-compliant vehicles may be charged in court and fined up to $2,000, or jailed up to three months for the first offence.

Repeat offenders can be fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to six months.

The non-compliant vehicle can also be seized for investigations.

LTA said it has also carried out joint operations with the Traffic Police on e-bicycle users who ride recklessly on roads. Common offences include riding against the flow of traffic or riding without a helmet.

LTA's enforcement officers have also been educating cyclists and personal mobility device users on the rules and code of conduct recommended by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel and accepted by the Government earlier this year.

This includes giving out educational materials to these users on the rules, and safe riding tips.

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