Man to be charged in hit-and-run accident along AYE

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Man, 63, to be charged over hit-and-run accident on AYE

A 63-year old man who allegedly tried several times to use his car to hit a motorcycle on the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) in June will be charged in court today.

He finally succeeded in doing so before driving off, but his actions were caught on camera and the video clip went viral.

In a press release yesterday, the police said the man will be charged with rash driving, inconsiderate driving, rash act causing hurt, and failing to render assistance after an accident.

The statement said that on June 15 at about 11am, the man was driving his car along the AYE, near the Clementi exit towards the city, when he got involved in an accident with a motorcycle.

The driver failed to stop his vehicle to render assistance and fled the scene.


DANGEROUS: Screengrabs from video footage of the incident, which helped police nab the suspected car driver who had hit a motorcyclist along the AYE in June. PHOTOS: POLICE/ROADS.SG

The 29-year-old motorcyclist hurt his lower right limb while his 27-year-old pillion rider injured her right knee and right hand.

Investigations revealed that the car driver had cut into the motorcyclist's lane without signalling.

The police said this led to a series of incidents between the two parties on the road before the car driver tried several times to collide into the motorcyclist.

The final attempt caused the motorcyclist to lose control of his machine, resulting in both him and his pillion rider falling on the road before the car driver drove off.

The police statement said the Traffic Police take a stern view of such dangerous road behaviour as it puts the lives of road users at risk.

The Traffic Policeadvised motorists who are involved in accidents to stop and help by calling for an ambulance to attend to the injured party.

In June, The New Paper (TNP) spoke to the two victims, Mr Muhammad Fazly, an UberEats rider, and his fiancee Siti Farina.

Mr Fazly said: "I was about to enter the AYE from Jurong Town Hall Road... when the Camry came out of nowhere and tried to squeeze into my lane, nearly hitting my handlebar."

He said the driver got angry when he honked at him several times and tapped his window.


He said: "At first, he didn't look at me and when I tapped his window, he turned and looked aggressively at the both of us.

"When the lights turned green, the Camry kept trying to swerve into us. He did it about four to five times, pushing us into the traffic. I had a feeling he wanted to kill us."

He added: "A cabby managed to capture the whole thing from start to finish on his camera. I think the police took that... When we fell and the Camry sped off, the other drivers came to help."

Mr Fazly said he was informed by the investigating officer that the driver had denied everything after his arrest.

The Toyota Camry has also previously been captured on video being driven in a reckless manner.

Online footage posted on YouTube in 2014 and last year showed what appeared to be the same car dangerously changing lanes on the expressway.

Mr Fazly said: "Such people should be banned from driving. Can you imagine if I had been a newbie on the roads? I wouldn't have been able to control my bike and the outcome would have been worse."

Such people should be banned from driving. Can you imagine if I had been a newbie on the roads? I wouldn't have been able to control my bike and the outcome would have been worse.

- Motorcyclist Muhammad Fazly