MRT announcements remixed into potential club banger

Ever thought you would ever hear the sounds of the MRT in an EDM hit?

Of course, these sounds refer to the  familiar "beep-beep" EZ Link card tap and the MRT announcements. 

A Singaporean DJ known for making club-ready hits out of the more banal Singaporean aspects of life has turned his attention towards the MRT.

The DJ expertly puts together these familiar sounds together in a remix that honestly wouldn't feel so out of place in a club.

So, next time you're feeling crabby in a train, try putting this on.



This is, however, not the first time that a DJ has attempted to make music out of familiar sounds you would hear in a train or train station here.

YouTube user Tiny Red Dot has also done a video using purely MRT-related sounds for a cool, acapella effect. 

DJ Fallen Superhero is also responsible for these viral tracks.

Who remembers the Hail woman who took the ice cube and put it "inside her tongue"?

If you don't, beware, this remix might have you saying it all day long.



Ah, Yam Ah Mee - the real winner of the 2011 Singapore General Elections. 



DJ Fallen Superheroes is not the only one creating uniquely Singaporean remixes.

DJ Funky T created this un-un-un-believably catchy remix and mash-up of Chen Tianwen's viral track "Unbelievable".




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