Re-register your NRIC if you turn 55 from next year onwards

This process is to update NRIC photos as cardholders get older and to prevent difficulties in identification

From 2017, those who turn 55 will need to re-register their national registration identity cards (NRIC), the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said on Monday (Nov 14).

This is to update the photographs on the NRIC as cardholders get older, which could cause difficulties in identification.

The age was chosen because 55 is roughly the midpoint between the first NRIC re-registration age at 30 years old and Singapore's current life expectancy of 82.

Ms Chui Wai Cheng, deputy director of ICA's Citizen Services Centre, said: "This will reduce inconvenience to the cardholder when they transact with other agencies.

"There's also a risk that if the card is to be picked up by another person, the person could assume the identity of the rightful card owner."

Along with the re-registration, iris images will also be collected.


Who will be affected?

Singapore citizens and permanent residents who turn 55 next year onwards (those born on or after Jan 1, 1962), and who have not replaced their NRIC in the last 10 years.

What is the process like?

You will need to update your personal particulars and submit a recent photograph of yourself.

If you're turning 55, you will receive a letter from ICA a month before your birthday. You will have one year to re-register your NRIC.

This can be done online via the ICA website, or by using the self-service kiosks at the eLobby of the ICA building at 10, Kallang Road.

You can also complete the hard copy application form enclosed in the notification letter and mail it to the ICA's Citizen Services Centre.

How much will it cost?

It will cost $10 for Singapore citizens and $50 for PRs. This is to recover part of the costs to produce an NRIC.

What happens if I fail to register?

Reminder letters will be sent out at both six and nine months after you turn 55.

For failing to re-register your NRIC, you can be fined up to $5,000, or jailed up to five years, or both.

What about those who are born before Jan 1, 1962?

ICA will introduce an optional re-registration process which will start from 2018. More details will be out next year.

What should I do if I'm living overseas during the re-registration period?

You should inform ICA in writing by e-mailing You are required to register your NRIC within a year of returning to Singapore.

What if my family member, who has to re-register his NRIC, is bedridden?

You can request for the re-registration to be done via a home visit by ICA. A doctor's memo on the NRIC holder's medical condition must be submitted with the request.

"The procedure is similar to taking a photograph. It is convenient, contactless and non-intrusive."

- Ms Chui Wai Cheng, deputy director of ICA's Citizen Services 
Centre, on how iris images of cardholders will also be collected

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