SCDF trying to identify and reward foreign worker who saved baby

UPDATE: SCDF has identified the foreign workers and will be awarding them with the SCDF Public Spiritedness Award this afternoon (April 24). 

Police have launched an investigation into the incident.  

The Singapore Civil Defence Force is working to identify the foreign workers who saved a baby who was stuck in between the rails of a parapet on the afternoon of April 23.

Once the workers are identified, an award will be presented to them. 

Blogger Alvin Lim wrote about the incident on his blog early Friday (April 24) morning. 

Mr Lim said that a woman noticed the baby first and shouted for help.


The worker scaling pulling himself up onto the parapet to save the baby. PHOTO: YOUTUBE/ALVIN LIM

Mr Lim wrote that a woman noticed the baby first and shouted for help. 


Video shows baby struggling before being saved by the foreign workers.

Police received a call at 3.02pm.

The foreign worker then heard her and ran to the block to help. 

He pulled himself up to the second floor of Blk 371.

He hoisted the baby up while trying to place him on the other side of the ledge. 

Netizens are hailing the foreign worker as a hero and are praising the worker for his deed. 

Youtube user Tzeqin commented that the foreign worker in the video is deserves to be praised.

Mr Lim said: "This man saved a baby’s life. I do not know who he is or what his name is, but I feel that he deserves a medal or at least some publicity for his heroic act."

Source:, YouTube

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