WATCH: Biker stops his motorcycle to help elderly man cross the road

The traffic lights were in his favour but he did not speed off.

Instead, he got off his motorcycle and rushed to the side of an elderly man who was struggling to cross the road in time after the "green man" stopped flashing in his favour.

All this was captured on the helmet-camera of Facebook user Choo Alexander, which he then posted on his Facebook wall on Monday (April 14).


Let's just try to make this world a better place. Stopping a few minutes to help someone in need doesn't kill us. It's the thought that counts! (Sorry the the poor video quality!)

Posted by Choo Alexander on Monday, April 13, 2015

In the video, he can be heard telling the old man in Mandarin to take his time.

As he accompanied the man across the pedestrian crossing, he was seen raising his hands to thank the drivers of two cars which had also stopped to give way.

The post has generated over 142 shares and over 300 likes, with many of the commenters saluting the uploader for his deed.

Photo: Facebook screengrab/Choo Alexander

In his post, Alexander urged everyone to take the time to help someone out.

A sentiment which we agree with.

Source: Facebook