Singapore revises Causeway toll charges. You have to pay more from Oct 1

Singapore has revised the toll charges at the Causeway. No surprise here. The only question we have is: how much more?

From Oct 1, all vehicles entering Singapore will have to pay between $1.40 and $5.30. Motorcycles are exempt. Previously, vehicles did not have to pay to enter Singapore.

Vehicles leaving Singapore will have to fork out between $1.30 and $5.10 more.

The revised toll charges are for the Causeway Woodlands Checkpoint. There are no changes to the toll charges at the Second Link.

Long-standing policy

The Land Transport Authority​'s (LTA) announcement did not come as a surprise as its spokesman had said on Aug 1 that Singapore would match Johor's new higher Causeway tolls "in the next few weeks".

In a press release on Friday, LTA reiterated that it had long-standing policy of matching Malaysia's toll charges.

It added that if Malaysia were to reduce or do away with the toll charges, it would follow suit.

For foreign-registered cars, the entry and exit toll will be deducted upon the vehicle leaving Singapore.

For vehicles that do not pay the Vehicle Entry Permit​ fee (all Singapore-registered vehicles and foreign-registered goods vehicles, buses and taxis), the toll will be deducted on the spot.

Singapore's Causeway toll charges

  Current Starting Oct 1
Vehicle Category Leaving Singapore Entering Singapore Leaving Singapore Entering Singapore
Motorcycles - - - -
Cars $1.20 - $3.80 $2.70
Vans / Light Goods Vehicles $1.90 - $5.80 $4.00
Heavy Goods Vehicles $2.60 - $7.70 $5.30
Taxis $0.60 - $1.90 $1.40
Buses $1.00 - $3.10 $2.20

Malaysia's Causeway toll charges

  Before Aug 1 Current
Vehicle Category

Entering JB

Leaving JB Entering JB​ Leaving JB
All cars RM2.90 - RM9.70 RM6.80
Buses RM2.30 - RM7.80 RM5.50

For more information, visit the LTA website here.