20-year-old jailed for spitting on cop

This article is more than 12 months old

A police sergeant who wanted to ensure a man returned home safely was instead racially abused and spat in the face.

Graduand Stephen Albert was jailed for two weeks for the spitting offence and fined $3,000 for hurling obscenities.

A deterrent sign must be sent to like-minded offenders, District Judge Lim Tse Haw said.

"Spitting is a vile and degrading act, and when it is directed at the victim's eyes or mouth, it puts the police officer at risk of transmission of HIV, Hepatitis B and C..." he added last week.

The sergeant and another officer had responded to a call from a cabby on July 31 last year at about 4.30am.

The cabby could not wake up Albert, 20,and ascertain his destination - Albert just said he wanted to go to Toa Payoh.

The Indonesian had drunk alcohol with friends.

After officers woke Albert up, he hurled vulgarities when asked for his papers.

He gave his address after being warned.

The cabby agreed to take him to Trellis Towers and the officers followed.

Outside, Albert shouted obscenities at the sergeant despite warnings and was arrested.

He then spat on him twice after being handcuffed.

Albert is appealing against both sentences while the prosecution is appealing against the jail term.