4th man jailed over forged passes to Ed Sheeran concert

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Fourth foreigner to be given four weeks' jail for illegal entry at Ed Sheeran concert

An Australian trader became the fourth man to be given four weeks' jail over the use of forged Ed Sheeran concert passes at the sold-out performances at Singapore Indoor Stadium last month.

Paul Cosgrove, 56, admitted to abetting Briton Martin Joseph Keane, 60, in a conspiracy to use a forged "Ed Sheeran All Area Access Family and Guests" pass as genuine on Nov 12 at about 7pm.

A second charge of abetment by conspiracy with Briton Luke Simon McKay to use a forged "Divide A-A-A" pass was taken into consideration in sentencing.

The case of McKay, 49, is pending.

Each ticket to the Nov 11 and 12 concerts cost between $108 and $248. Security checks were conducted at the SIS' entrances to ensure that concertgoers had valid tickets before entering the stadium.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tow Chew Chi said that some time around October, Cosgrove communicated with Keane regarding the buying and selling of tickets for the Ed Sheeran concert.

They subsequently met in Singapore. While the two of them were at the stadium on Nov 11, Cosgrove told Keane that he could get forged passes to get into the stadium. Cosgrove left for a while and returned, and handed to Keane a few forged "Ed Sheeran All Area Access Family and Guests" passes.

Keane took four people into the stadium on two separate occasions and got them to don the passes.

He collected $250 from each concertgoer and handed the $1,000 to Cosgrove, who split the money equally with Keane.


Keane was detained by security staff when he tried to take another three people in.

Cosgrove was arrested on Nov 22 at an immigration checkpoint when he tried to go to Johor Baru.

DPP Tow said that Cosgrove earned a total of $1,120. Police seized $115 from him.

Cosgrove's lawyer, Mr Suang Wijaya, had sought two weeks' jail instead of the four asked by the prosecutor. He said that Cosgrove, who has two children, was remorseful and understood the gravity of the offences.

Keane - together with New Zealanders Scott Fabian Antony Penk, 34, and Michael Stanton Hardgrave, 30 - was given four weeks' jail on Nov 28 for using the forged pass with the intention of passing it off as being issued by AEG Presents Asia, the concert organiser.

Cosgrove could have been jailed for up to four years and/or fined.