900,000 households set to receive GST voucher for utilities bill

About 900,000 Singaporean households will receive a GST Voucher to offset part of their utilities bills this month.

Households in one- and two-room Housing Board flats will receive $95, while those in three-room flats will get $85, the Ministry of Finance said yesterday in a statement.

Families living in four-room flats will receive $75, those in five-room flats, $65, and those in executive or multi-generation flats, $55.

Households whose members own more than one property are not eligible for this GST Voucher.

The Utilities-Save (U-Save) rebate is one of three components under the permanent GST Voucher scheme, which aims to help lower overall household expenses. It is distributed every three months.

The annual rebate has enabled households in one- and two-room Housing Board flats to receive support equivalent to three to four months of their utilities bills on average, the ministry said.

For those living in three- and four-room flats, the rebate provides them with support equivalent to one to two months of utilities bills, it added.