Apple’s new iOS update may cause screen problems

Apple's new iOS update may hold nasty surprises for iPhone 8 users who fixed their screens at third-party repair stores.

Their touchscreens may stop working after installing the iOS 11.3 software update released on March 29.

The problem, first reported on tech publication Motherboard on Tuesday, can cause touchscreens to continue rendering the home page, but lose touch compatibility, in effect causing the phones to become unusable.

But a check with some third-party repair shops here and popular online forums such as VRzone and Hardwarezone showed that this issue has not surfaced as a problem among local users for now.

"We have not encountered any cases so far," said Mr Glenn Chua, owner of GWmobile.

The iOS 11.3 update is an attempt by Apple to introduce new features such as information on battery health, and allowing users to turn off a feature that slows down phone functions.

Apple did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

Previous iOS updates had caused some problems here.

Mr Roy Tan, owner of Atomware Singapore said: "Last year, there were quite a bit (of cases) involving iPhone 6/6S/7 users who faced malfunctioning screens after a new software update."

After Apple released a follow-up software update last October, the issue was resolved.

Mr Tan said such problems can be avoided completely by replacing the phone screen with good quality LCD screens rather than subpar ones.