Bizarre fight between man, woman caught on video goes viral

Police were called to a Hougang coffee shop past midnight on Saturday after a bizarre fight broke out between a man and a woman.

The incident at Block 684, Hougang Avenue 8, was captured on video by Facebook user Andy Tang and quickly went viral with more than 400,000 views and over 8,000 shares.

The video also drew over 1,000 comments, with netizens pointing out several things they found puzzling in the three-minute-long clip.


The video begins with a woman pointing her finger at a man's head, as she repeatedly shouts in Mandarin: "Come on, hit me."

She continues to taunt him, as he screams back at her: "I don't hit women!"

But shortly after, he takes off his shirt and climbs over a metal railing before delivering a slap to the woman's face.

The shocked woman then pauses for a few seconds and even points at the man, before collapsing to the floor in dramatic fashion.

Coffee shop patrons can be heard reacting in surprise and clapping. Another woman then aims a glass mug at the man but misses, and the mug shatters on the floor.

Meanwhile, the woman lying on the floor begins to sob loudly.

In another strange twist, she then holds up a mobile phone and taps on it.

Many Facebook users were amused by the couple's bizarre actions, with some speculating that the woman had been taking a selfie and editing it while on the floor.

It is unclear what had caused the fight.

In response to queries from The Straits Times, the police said they were alerted to a case of voluntarily causing hurt at about 12.30am.

"The parties involved were advised on their legal recourse," a police spokesman added. - NG HUIWEN