Blaze in warehouse put out in eight hours

No one hurt in blaze, 20 workers living in warehouse dorm evacuated

A fire broke out in an industrial warehouse in Kranji early yesterday, with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) deploying significant resources to combat the blaze.

The SCDF was alerted to the fire at 11, Kranji Crescent at 2.16am.

Firefighters took eight hours to put out the blaze.

The warehouse is operated by waste management company Wah & Hua, which provides services such as waste collection and disposal.

The SCDF, in one of several updates on its Facebook page, said the fire had involved waste materials contained within the building, which are "typically deep-seated and difficult to be extinguished quickly".

Wah & Hua owner Melissa Tan told The Straits Times that less than 20 per cent of the warehouse had been affected.

She said operations would continue as the company has other warehouses nearby.

About 12 employees work at the Kranji warehouse.

She said that about 20 workers living in a dorm in the warehouse were evacuated.

No one was hurt, SCDF said.

It deployed 22 firefighting appliances and support vehicles and about 70 personnel to the scene.

This is the second major industrial-related fire to occur in four days, after an oil storage tank caught fire on the island of Pulau Busing on Monday evening.

SCDF took six hours to put out the blaze in a "massive operation" that involved 128 personnel and 31 firefighting and support vehicles. - THE STRAITS TIMES