Bus trial for stroller seat-belt system kicks off, with service 69 chosen as test bed

This article is more than 12 months old

When authorities in April allowed commuters to take strollers on board public buses without having to fold them, they did so with one caveat - that there was still a possible risk to the child if the driver swerves or brakes suddenly.

Today, a step is being taken to reduce the risk with the trial of a stroller seat-belt system on SBS Transit bus service 69 that covers housing estates and schools in Bedok and Tampines.

The stroller restraint, which was developed by Temasek Poly­technic and then customised and fabricated by ST Kinetics, will be placed in the designated wheelchair space, which can accommodate one stroller.

It has two different slots to fix the stroller's handle, to cater to forward and backward facing strollers.

This will ensure that the child will always be facing the back of the bus, for safety reasons.

A retractable belt will also secure the stroller to the handlebars in the wheelchair space.

While it is not mandatory to use the additional safety measure, parents and caregivers are encouraged to use it, in addition to holding on to their strollers throughout the journey.

There is no specific timeline for the implementation of the restraint system. LTA said it will get feedback from parents and bus captains before deciding to on expanding the system.


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