Caught after midnight police chase

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A 28-year-old man was arrested early Thursday (Aug 3) morning after failing to stop his vehicle at a road block in Tyrwhitt Road.

The incident, which happened at 12.40am, saw several police cars and motorbikes pursuing the man, who was driving a van.

As he drove along Kitchener Road, the man narrowly missed hitting a 65-year-old valet supervisor who was sitting at his valet booth near the kerb. The van driver braked hard, got out of the vehicle and fled on foot.

Police then gave chase for about 10 minutes before nabbing the man.

He was arrested for "traffic-related offences", said the police.

The Straits Times understands that he is a Chinese man wearing a black shirt and jeans.

He was also driving without a licence. When he was fleeing from the police, he drove against traffic at some point.

The valet supervisor, who only wanted to be known as Mr Michael, saw a silver van speeding with two police cars and four traffic police motorbikes chasing it.

He said that the van applied emergency brakes as it approached the kerb. It stopped right in front of where he was sitting as he waited for clients.

"There was a loud screech and the vehicle suddenly stopped right in front of me. It was so frightening. If it had just skidded or moved forward an inch, it would have hit me," said Mr Michael, who offers valet services for patrons of clubs and hotels in Kitchener Road who need a ride home at night.

"The police sirens were blaring and people had crowded around to see what was happening. Residents nearby were looking out of their windows," Mr Michael recounted.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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