Classes at madrasahs, Islamic centres move online tomorrow

Students at madrasahs and those attending aLIVE (Learning Islamic Values Everyday) classes at mosques and classes at Islamic education centres and providers (IECPs) will shift to home-based learning from tomorrow.

But madrasahs will remain open for the minority of students whose parents cannot make alternative arrangements for childcare, said the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis).

Children whose parents are working in essential services will be prioritised, added Muis in its statement yesterday.

"Madrasahs will provide instructions to students and parents on accessing the home-based learning materials.

"Assistance will be given to students who do not have access to digital devices when the learning requires it," it said.

Muis also said IECPs must shift all learning programmes online during the heightened alert period.

Muis' announcement follows the Government's move on Sunday to shift all primary, secondary and junior college students, as well as those from Millennia Institute and special education schools, to home-based learning from tomorrow, in the light of a recent spike in infections in the community here.


A religious education kit called The Kids aLIVE Home Edition has been made available for parents to help with their children's religious education from home. The kit is available for free on Muis' website.

Muis said the Adult Islamic Learning (Adil) programme has also shifted online.

Classes in both Malay and English have been made available on the Adil Facebook page. - THE STRAITS TIMES