Contractors fined for damaging water pipes

This article is more than 12 months old

Two contractors have been fined $40,000 each for damaging public sewer pipes, national water agency PUB said yesterday.

The two separate incidents occurred under a project by Ley Choon Constructions and Engineering to divert pipelines for the construction of the future Thomson Line in Woodlands.

Zhao Yang Geotechnic, a subcontractor for Ley Choon, was drilling at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 1 and Woodlands Avenue 2 as part of soil improvement works on Jan 10, 2014, when it ignored instructions and drilled beyond the required depth, hitting and damaging the 1,500mm-diameter sewer.

On May 3 that year, Ley Choon damaged a 1,200mm-diameter sewer pipe while carrying out drilling works in Woodlands Avenue 2, after it failed to ascertain the alignment and depth of the pipe. - FABIAN KOH