Cop jailed for failing to arrest friend who tried to bribe him

A former cop asked an old buddy who was still in the Singapore Police Force to arrest a man.

Tan Bee Song, 40, offered 47-year-old investigation officer Shukor Bin Warji $2,000 to nab Mr Hoon Tian Jie, who he alleged was involved in drug activities, bookmaking and illegal betting.

Shukor turned down the bribe but was sentenced to a week's jail yesterday for failing to arrest his former colleague for trying to bribe a police officer.

He was sentenced on one count of prevention of corruption and had another offence under the Official Secrets Act taken into consideration.

Shukor was working at the Central Police Division, specialising in investigating unlicensed moneylending, when Tan asked for his help in July 2016 - saying he would split $4,000 he was offered to get Mr Hoon arrested.

The court heard Yee Kok Siong, 32, had offered Tan the sum to get "revenge" on Mr Hoon for "playing (him) out".

Shukor turned down the bribe but did not report the matter to his superiors, or arrest Tan.

Shukor is currently interdicted from the SPF and is out on bail for $15,000. He will commence his sentence on April 9. Tan and Yee's cases are still pending. - JAN LEE