Cop who subdued armed teen at Bedok Mall praises others who helped

This article is more than 12 months old

He was about to leave Bedok Mall at around 6pm on Wednesday last week when Station Inspector Sofian Othman heard a commotion.

The 35-year-old off-duty cop spotted a teenager 15m away at the ground-level entrance near McDonald's. The 18-year-old was making unintelligible noises and wild gestures, entering shops and knocking items over, scaring customers away.

Station Insp Sofian saw he was holding a pair of scissors, around 10cm long. He tailed the teen, along with four other men.

When the teen was distracted, the group rushed towards the youngster, pinned him down and Station Insp Sofian disarmed him.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday at police headquarters at New Phoenix Park, Station Insp Sofian said he was heartened by the quick response of the four men who helped him, attributing it to the SGSecure campaign. "It's good that they were alert and were willing to come forward to assist."

The police arrived and the teenager, who has a history of mental problems, was arrested for causing a public nuisance.

Food and wine writer Mike Lim, in his 40s, was one of the four who helped subdue the teenager.

Mr Lim, who is trained in the Israeli fighting technique of Krav Maga, was at Starbucks.

He told The New Paper: "The shouting made me look up. I got up to help because I wanted to stop him from hurting people.

"It is one of those things that you never expect to happen. I am glad other people helped. In an emergency, every one should try to do something."