Delivery assistant is sole new local Covid-19 case

A 35-year-old Bangladeshi man who works as a delivery assistant at Chng Woodworking was the sole locally transmitted case confirmed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) last night.

He does not interact directly with clients at the building materials store in Kranji, and his job entails loading and unloading goods, said MOH.

He stays in a dormitory in Kranji Way and his infection was detected after he was tested as part of the routine rostered testing for migrant workers staying in dorms here.

He was swabbed again on Monday and developed a sore throat and a cough on the same day. He was taken to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases after testing positive for Covid-19.

His serological test has come back negative, indicating he is likely to have a current infection.

MOH said all close contacts of his have been isolated and placed in quarantine.

There were also three imported cases for a total of four new coronavirus cases confirmed by MOH last night, bringing Singapore's total to 59,883.

Yesterday, the police said they were investigating 88 people, aged between 17 and 56, for allegedly breaching safe distancing measures in large gatherings involving alcohol and unlicensed karaoke.

On Feb 6, the police found 65 people drinking and socialising in an office unit in Genting Lane in MacPherson.

Separately, on Feb 19, a police raid found 23 people drinking, smoking and singing in a residential unit in Emerald Hill Road in the Orchard area. A 23-year-old Chinese national was arrested in the unit on suspicion of working without a valid work permit.

In both incidents, public entertainment and liquor were believed to have been provided without a valid licence, said the police. Karaoke equipment and alcohol supplies were seized by the police from both locations. - THE STRAITS TIMES

By the numbers

4 New cases

29 Deaths

0 New cases in community

Discharged yesterday

3 Imported cases

19 In hospital

59883 Total cases

59738 Total recovered