‘Delusional’ retiree, 69, slashes wife to death

This article is more than 12 months old

A retired aircraft technician, who had developed delusions that his family was trying to harm him, decided to kill his wife of 36 years, the High Court heard yesterday.

Kong Peng Yee, 69, pleaded guilty to culpable homicide by slashing Madam Wong Chik Yeok's head, first with a knife and then a chopper, at their Sengkang home on March 13 last year.

His initial charge of murder was reduced after Dr Kenneth Koh from the Institute of Mental Health assessed that Kong's mental responsibility for his actions had been substantially impaired by his psychotic delusions.

Kong and Madam Wong, 63, lived with their younger daughter Yanni, 27, at Compassvale Crescent. Their older daughter Annie, 36, lived elsewhere.

The court heard that in January last year, Kong had cataract surgery. He then associated other ailments like constipation and insomnia with his surgery or diet.

On March 13, Kong behaved abnormally at church with his wife and Annie. Afterwards, Annie drove her parents home and left.

Kong claimed he woke up from a nap to roaring sounds.

He took a knife and stabbed Madam Wong in the back while she was folding clothes. When he dropped the knife, he got a chopper from the kitchen and continued attacking her, stopping only when he realised she was dead.

Kong told police that he believed his family would not look after him if he was unwell and that he should kill his wife first because his family might want to kill him. The case has been adjourned for sentencing.


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