Dog owners can apply for multi-year licences from March

This article is more than 12 months old

From March 1 next year, dog owners can apply for and renew the licences of their pets for a period of up to three years, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) said yesterday.

Currently, dog owners can apply only for annual licences.

With this revised licensing scheme, both new and existing dog owners can choose to apply for or renew their dogs' licences for either one, two or three years. Those who opt for a two-year licence will get an average discount of 10 per cent. For three-year licence, the average discount is 15 per cent.

Additionally, dog owners who make payments via electronic platforms such as Giro, online or through AXS stations will get a 10 per cent rebate.

The revision comes after an online public consultation with dog owners. Most of them were supportive of the multi-year licensing scheme as it is more convenient.

Ms Jessica Kwok, group director of AVA's Animal Management Group, said: "The revision to allow the renewal of licences on a multi-year basis will help owners reduce the amount of administrative work required.

"We encourage dog owners to take up this scheme, and to opt for Giro payment to avoid instances where there is a lapse when payments are not made." - LYDIA LAM