Flights out of Changi back to normal as HK typhoon heads towards China

This article is more than 12 months old

Flights to Hong Kong departed Changi Airport as scheduled last night, as Typhoon Hato moved towards south-east China.

It was a different story before the category-10 storm made landfall, with hundreds of flights to and from Hong Kong cancelled or rescheduled. From Changi, eight flights were cancelled and 11 rescheduled.

As airlines scrambled to inform passengers, not everyone got the message. This created confusion and frustration as travellers turned up at Changi early yesterday morning for flights that were no longer leaving.

Ms Adrian Q. Molcnero, 45, and her husband were on their way to Hong Kong for holiday on United Airlines’ UA896, departing at 6am. They said they didn’t get the e-mail the carrier said it had sent.

United said it had notified “as many booked customers as possible” through various channels.

A Singapore Airlines spokesman said it had posted an alert on its website on Monday night. It also sent text messages and e-mails to customers who provided contact information.

Another passenger of the cancelled United flight, wedding planner Sharon Meyers, 51, was glad to be safe.

Ms Meyers, who lives in the US, was returning via Hong Kong after visiting friends in Singapore.

“Weather happens,” she said. “There is no need to be ‘kiasu’ (Hokkien for competitive) about it. I get to enjoy Singapore for another day. Better safe than concerned. (Changi Airport) is not a bad place to be stuck in.”

Passengers can get the latest flight information on the Changi Airport website:

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