Four babies born at start of New Year

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Four babies were born at the stroke of midnight in 2018.

Nas Muhammad Niklas - named after Bayern Munich star defender Niklas Sule - was delivered at Raffles Hospital right at the start of New Year's Day. His brothers are named Nas Muhammad Nesta, after retired AC Milan defender Alessandro Nesta; and Nas Muhammad Nadal, after Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal.

Their mother, Madam Norfarizah Ambiak, 35, a senior executive at an insurance company, said: "We didn't plan to have a third one but it happened... It is a gift from God."

Nesta was also a New Year baby. He was born at 1.13am on Jan 1, 2013. The three boys are named after famous athletes as their father, Mr Nas Muhammad Nasta'in, 37, an assistant manager at the same insurance company, is an avid sports fan.

At the start of the new year at Mount Alvernia, baby Abbie How, weighing a healthy 2.74kg, was born after 14 hours of labour.

Mr Lionel How, 30, an interior designer, had rushed to the hospital with his wife, Ms Justin Zheng, 29, a bank customer service officer, on Sunday morning after she started bleeding slightly.

The other two New Year babies are Liam Koh, born at Thomson Medical Centre; and a girl, whose name is not known, born at KK Women's and Children's Hospital.- FELICIA CHOO

We didn’t plan to have a third one but it happened... It is a gift from God. Madam Norfarizah Ambiak, mother of Nas Muhammad Niklas