Four new clusters detected, including one at dormitory

Four new Covid-19 clusters have surfaced, one of which has four cases and involves a Punggol Primary School cleaner and another at Westlite Juniper Dormitory with nine cases.

The other two new active clusters are linked to individual cases, each having three cases linked to it, the Health Ministry (MOH) said yesterday. There are currently 39 active clusters.

The Jurong Fishery Port cluster, which remains the largest cluster to date, stands at 902 cases after 36 cases were added to it.

Another two cases were added to the KTV cluster, which now has 245 cases in total.

MOH said Covid-19 self-test kits will be given to those who visited Teban Gardens Market and Food Centre and 216 Bedok Food Centre and Market.

The collection of these test kits will run from today to tomorrow at the Residents' Committee Centres at those two locations.

In a separate update yesterday, MOH said it has concluded Covid-19 testing in four Housing Board blocks in Sims Avenue on July 24.

They are blocks 842, 844, 846 and 848, which are located near Geylang Serai Market. All 1,126 individuals were tested negative.

Singapore reported a total of 136 new locally transmitted cases, of which 55 were new unlinked cases.

Among the cases are three seniors aged above 70 who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated and are at risk of serious illness.

Of the confirmed cases, 545 are warded in hospital.

However, 21 are seriously ill and require oxygen supplementation. Two are in critical condition in the intensive care unit (ICU). Out of these 23 cases, only one is fully vaccinated, but she requires oxygen supplementation as she has underlying medical conditions.

Thirteen of them are seniors above 60, of whom 12 are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated and have fallen very ill, MOH said. - THE STRAITS TIMES

By the numbers

139 New cases

81 Community, linked

55 Community, unlinked

3 Imported

37 Deaths

545 In hospital

39 Open clusters

64,453 Total cases