Hawker offers free char kway teow to cabbies

This article is more than 12 months old

A hawker, who posted a video in which he was heard telling a cabby to give up his job if he did not know the way to a destination, has offered 100 plates of free char kway teow to cabbies as an apology.

Mr Dominic Neo, 43, was slammed online over the weekend for shaming the cabby, with many netizens urging people to boycott his stall.

He runs the well-known Liang Ji char kway teow stall at Block 58, New Upper Changi Road. On Monday, he posted an apology on his Facebook page. Addressing all cabbies, he said he regretted scolding the taxi driver.

"A friend scolded me very fiercely, and I realised it is my fault and I am very remorseful about it," he added.

He also apologised to the cabby and the public, saying he had drunk "a few beers before boarding the taxi that night".

He said he looked forward to meeting the cabby personally to return the cab fare and ask for forgiveness.

Apparently, he was given a free ride.


The cabby he offended is entitled to a lifetime's supply of free char kway teow at his stall, he added.

He wrote: "As a token to show my remorse and repentance, I hereby offer the first 100 taxi drivers who come to my stall for a meal a free (plate of) char kway teow."

A similar apology was made in April this year by a man who runs a few chicken rice outlets. After belittling a cabby who posted his insults on social media, he pledged to give away 200 packets of chicken rice to cabbies.

The latest video has been taken down from Mr Neo's Facebook page, but not before it was reproduced by other sites.

It does not show his face, but he is heard asking the cabby why he does not know the route to take.

"You may as well not drive a taxi," he says.

The cabby retorts: "If I don't drive a taxi, what would I do?"

"How can someone who doesn't know the route get a licence," Mr Neo rambles on. "If you're not familiar with the road, don't drive."

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