IMDA bans documentary film on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

This article is more than 12 months old

A documentary film that was due to be shown at the Singapore Palestinian Film Festival tomorrow has been banned from public screening by the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) for its "skewed narrative".

The IMDA gave Radiance Of Resistance a Not Allowed For All Ratings classification, over concerns that it may cause disharmony among different races and religions in Singapore.

Independent cinema The Projector, which is hosting the film festival, posted on its website that the film screening has been cancelled.

Radiance Of Resistance, directed by US film-maker Jesse Roberts, explores the Israeli-Palestine conflict through the eyes of two young Palestinian girls.

It won the Best Documentary award at the Respect Human Rights Film Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

According to the IMDA website, the film was banned from public screening and distribution as it explores the Israeli-Palestine conflict "without counterbalance".

"In holding up the girls as role models to be emulated in an ongoing conflict, the film incites activists to continue their resistance against the alleged oppressors," it said.

Ms Adela Foo, organiser of the film festival, was "disappointed" but understood the concerns, "given the current political situation". - YUEN SIN