IP to cover hospitalisation from Special Access Route vaccines

Policyholders with Integrated Shield Plans (IP) will now be covered if they are hospitalised as a result of complications from Covid-19 vaccines under the Health Sciences Authority's Special Access Route (SAR).

This means that IP coverage for hospitalisations that result from vaccine-related complications will now include those who have taken the Sinovac vaccine.

As the China-made vaccine is not part of the national programme, those who choose to receive it will not be eligible for the Government's Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme should they develop any adverse reactions.

The Life Insurance Association Singapore (LIA) announced this yesterday and said this additional coverage is supported by all seven IP insurers in Singapore.

The additional coverage comes after the LIA said in January that IP policyholders will be covered for hospitalisation resulting from complications caused by vaccines approved by the HSA, which so far include the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.

The special insurance coverage of all Covid-19 vaccinations here, including those approved under the SAR, will be provided till the end of the year, said the LIA.

"We understand that some Singaporeans may wish to receive vaccination under SAR and hope that our member insurers' proactive commitment in extending in- patient hospitalisation benefits for complications can provide assurance that such IP policyholders will be covered," said LIA president Khor Hock Seng. - THE STRAITS TIMES